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Is your roof near the end of it’s life?
How to recognize and identify a roofing issue.
Missing, cracked, broken or curling shingles
Stains on interior walls or ceilings.
Mold or mildew can be a sign of inadequate ventilation
Blistering or peeling paint on the outside of your home can be a sign of moisture or poor attic
Loss of granules on the shingles can cause a dirty look to shingles.
Leaks in the attic can be caused by shingle deterioration or in adequate underlayment. 
Attic ventilation is a big cause of shingle and siding decay.

GAF Master Elite Roofer
As a GAF Master Elite roofer our job doesn’t end after the roof installation.
Being a responsible homeowner you should maintain your roof just as you do your heating and air system.  Often times nature will deteriorate your roof and you won’t notice until the damage has already occurred.  Some of the things that may damage your roof are:
Extreme weather conditions such as storms, wind, hail, snow and ice
Animals will often cause damage
A buildup of leaves in gutters and in gulleys on the roof will cause damage to your roof.
Limbs from trees and shrubs
A satellite or other object on the roof can cause damage
Falling objects limbs, pine cones, nuts can cause damage to the roof. 
When a roof is damage the key is to identify this early to prevent further damage to your home.  A leaking roof can start small but left unattended can damage ceilings, floors, & walls.  This can eventually lead to a home filled mold & mildew which may make the home uninhabitable.  As a GAF Master Elite Roofer we follow very a strict roofing  checklist provided by GAF to identify problems early.

GAF Master Elite Roofing Program
Our program includes yearly inspections per GAF’s Program. 
Communication with the homeowner to discuss roofing needs.
Maintenance related repairs as necessary to help prevent future issues

Documentation that the necessary repairs have been completed

“New Roof No Mess” Contractor
Chambers Roofing is the only “New Roof No Mess” contractor in the area.  By using the Equiptor you don’t have to worry about nails in your lawn, debris in your shrubs or damaged landscaping.